The House on the Rock is Awesomely Bizarre

Posted: January 4, 2017 in Architecture, Art, Interesting Photos, Things I Love

The House on the Rock is an amazing structure built on some rocks up in Wisconsin. It’s weird, creepy and awesome. The house itself is atop Deer Shelter Rock, a column of rock approximately 60-feet by 70-feet by 200-feet on the top, and it stands in a forest. The complex features “The Streets of Yesterday”, a re-creation of an early twentieth century American town; “The Heritage of the Sea”, featuring nautical exhibits and a 200-foot model of a fanciful whale-like sea creature; “The Music of Yesterday”, a huge collection of automatic music machines; and what the management bills as “the world’s largest indoor carousel”,among other bizarre attractions. The carousel at the House on the Rock features 269 carousel animals, 182 chandeliers, over 20,000 lights, and hundreds of mannequin angels hanging from the ceiling. And get this – the carousel has no horses. During the winter, the attraction features a Christmas theme, with decorations and a large collection of Santa Claus figures. Many of the bathrooms are decorated with strange objects, including mannequins, flowers, and preserved animals. One of the house’s main attractions is the Infinity Room, which juts out 218-feet and looms 56-feet over the ground below. Cool.

[for the love of all that is holy, click to enlarge the photos]


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