Map of the Day: Montserrat Lava Flows and Zones

Posted: January 1, 2017 in Maps, Things I Love

I’ve told the story before, but I was on the island in the summer of 1995, looking into the volcano. My players from the national team had taken me up there on a hike to see it. It was late-morning on a Friday, and I departed the following Saturday morning. On Sunday the volcano erupted for the first time in recorded history. Some of my friends there still jokingly blame me for the eruption. Anyway, I’d landed and departed at the Bramble Airport you see on the east coast of the island, an airport that was subsequently buried under ash and lava. You can also see the former capital, Plymouth, on the southwest edge of the island. I walked the streets and ate in small restaurants there. It too is now buried. As you can see by the maps there is now an exclusion zone on the southern part of the island, and that part is off-limits. There are no resorts, no McDonald’s, and no chain hotels. Just wonderful people and a beautiful, exotic tropical paradise.






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