Shoe: Untied’s Top 10 Posts of 2016

Posted: December 31, 2016 in Amazing and Interesting Stories


Well, it’s the last day of 2016. Did that go by quickly or what? It seems like only yesterday when we were all scared to death that the world would end in 2012. Thanks, Aztecs! And how about the whole Y2K scare in 2000? That was 16-years ago? Da hell? And who doesn’t remember the Cuban Missile Crisis? Wait. Never mind.

Anyhoo, as is our custom here at the World Headquarters of Shoe: Untied, it’s time to list our Top 10 Posts of 2016 according to number of views. Hey, maybe you missed one, or sometimes it’s just fun to read outstanding writing more than once, amirite? Click on the links, man!

Without further ado, I give you our Top 10 Most Popular blogs. Enjoy. Or not, we don’t really care. Note to self: Be nicer in 2017.

  1. Remembering Andy – Of course this one is at the top of the list. Andy’s friends alone would put it there. For you new followers, Andy was one of my best friends for over 50-years. He left us last summer, but his memory will remain. Always. As of today, 61,146 people have read my story about Andy.
  2. The Remnants of Old Route 50 – Now this one came as a surprise. I’d always wanted to take some photos of the old road because it’s interesting to me. I had no idea so many other people would be interested too. It has 50,022 views as of this morning.
  3. The Origin of the Bearcats and the Black & Gold – Another pleasant surprise. I figured the target audience for this one would be rather limited, but to my shock 44,430 folks have read about the origin of my beloved Paint Valley High School’s mascot and school colors. It is a fascinating story though, I have to admit.
  4.  Sara’s Last Wish – This was a pretty straightforward story about a very special young lady named Sara Embree. Sara worked for me when I was the Athletic Director, and there’s never been a greater fan of the Bearcats. To date 39,964 people have read about Sara. I hope in some small way it helps keep her memory alive.
  5. Regarding Beach Midgets – I actually posted this 3-years ago but reposted it last summer. It’s just a short, humorous story but for whatever reason people love it. And not one little person has complained. Yet. 39,516 views in this year alone.
  6. WE ARE PAINT VALLEY – This is a recent blog I wrote after we lost another beautiful, special young life at our small rural school here in southern Ohio. 35,245 views so far.
  7. The Craziest Game – A story about the wildest athletic event I’ve ever been a part of. It may be hard to believe, but every word is true. 34,230 people have read about it.
  8. 9 Things I Learned From watching “15 Septembers Later” – Another bit of a surprise, at least to me. The story was basically me reviewing the documentary “15 Septembers Later.” 33,156 people have read it.
  9. The Clowns Are Coming – Shoe: Untied has a long and sometimes horrifying history with clowns, and one actually threatened my life once. Sort of. The link to that story is in the post. Anyhoo, 31,153 people read it this one.
  10. Robbery Thwarted: Sparky 1, Bad Guy 0 – 31,142 people have read about my latest Sparky story. Spark is an endless source of Shoe: Untied material, and all you have to do is type “Sparky” into my search box to see why. In this Sparky Tale, my best friend took umbrage to somebody who tried to reach in my jeep and swipe my iPhone while I was in a store. Whoever it was got the surprise of their life.

So there ya go, 2016’s Top 10. I hope everyone has a happy and prosperous new year.*

*Especially me. 



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