There’s More To The Red Solo Cup Than You May Know

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Humor, Inventions

You’ve all seen them. They’re a staple of picnics, frat parties and beach redsolocupparties. Hell, I use them at my house all the time. No glasses to clean, man!

I wrote earlier today about the death of their inventor, Mr. Robert Leo Hulseman. Yep, I’m talking about the Red Solo Cup, also known as The Ultimate Party Receptacle.*

*I totally just made that up.

But honestly, when you think about it, it really is a thing of beauty. Elegant really. It has a simple, sleek design, a bright and eye-grabbing color, and it’s disposable! Brilliant!

But did you know this?

  • The solo cup has interior fill lines for alcohol? Yep. 1.5-ounces for liquor, 5-ounces for wine and 12-ounces, for beer. True story. Oh, the company denies it because its inventor was a religious fellow but there’s no way that’s a coincidence. We know what’s up, Mr. Hulseman.
  • The company implemented design changes to the original shape over the years, like indented grips to hold on better and a square bottom to make it more stable when used in party games like Beer Pong. Genius, man.

Yes, although Mr. Hulseman is gone, the Red Solo Cup shall live on.

And hey, how many kitchen items have hit songs written about them?


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