Marvin Lewis, The Coach Who Won’t Go Away

Posted: December 29, 2016 in Assclowns, Opinion, Sports, Things I Hate

Yep. Looks like Marvin Lewis is coming back to the Bengals.

Good God.

In a position where marvin-lewisyou’re judged by your success and accountability, of which he’s had none, he survives.

Marvin is 0-7 in the playoffs since 2003. To put that in perspective, the pathetic New York Jets have won 5 playoff games since then. Marvin has outlasted 7 head coaches in Buffalo and 8 in Cleveland despite winning the exact same number of playoff games. He survives, apparently because he’s taken his team to the postseason. Actually winning once you get there is clearly not a priority.

Marvin is in the top three in coaching challenges every year, and he’s been successful in only 37 of 83 challenges. Success rate? 44%. That’s awful. In 2007 he was 1 for 11. Woot!

Marvin cannot win big games, period. Your success in the NFL is based on playoff success, a fact that Mike Brown apparently is not aware of.

Marvin’s teams are undisciplined and out of control, and he stands there unfazed by it. Still, he survives. In last year’s meltdown at the end of the Wild Card loss to Pittsburgh his team became unglued, unhinged and embarrassing. He should have been fired immediately after that debacle.

Still, he survives. Much to the delight of the rest of the AFC, he survives.

  1. Thomas Coleman says:

    And Marvin is overwhelmingly arrogant he would not discuss with local beat writers but gave the official word to Sirius XM. Mike Brown is committed to mediocrity anything more would cost him more money.

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