A Recurring Dream

Posted: December 18, 2016 in Dreams

So I’ve had this recurring dream over the past 30+ years. dreamIt’s unique in that it’s exactly the same every time. It’s never scary, but rather sort of calming. It goes like this . . .

I’m riding quietly in the back of a big limousine through an empty city. It’s so still you can’t hear the car engine, and all I can see is the back of a man’s head as he drives. He has a black hat on, one of those you see on regular limousine drivers.

As I look out the window, I see the scenes of a big city, except that it’s devoid of people. No other cars, no pedestrians, nothing. Finally, we pull over to the curb.

I open the door myself and get out. The driver never turns around or gets out. I’m in front of a huge, silver, shiny building that stands seemingly 200-stories high.

There is no name on the front of the building.

I walk up, open the huge glass door, and enter.

I’m in a lobby with lots of gold and marble, but there is no reception area, no people, nobody there to greet me.

In front of me stands a pair of elevator doors, really gold and glistening in the bright light. Something compels me to push the button, and the doors open. I get in and begin an eerily quiet ascent upward. To where I have zero idea, because there are no buttons, nothing on the walls of the elevator.

Finally, I come to a stop and the doors open. What I see before me is a huge room with white floors, white chairs and tables covered in white table cloths. The room seems to cover the entire floor of the building, and I can tell I’m on the very top floor. Floor to ceiling windows surround me on every wall. There seem to be 100 tables with chairs around them, and all are empty except for place settings of white plates and white napkins. Only the polished silverware stands out against the whiteness.

Finally, I see two figures all the way back at the far corner of the room. They’re seated at a table, so I begin weaving my way through the tables towards them. As I draw nearer I see that they too are adorned in white. An Asian woman is at the back of the small table facing me, and a man with long brown hair sits across from her with his back to me.

As I arrive at their table the woman smiles, and it’s a face I recognize. Then the man pushes back his chair, stands, and turns to me. He extends his hand towards me and smiles.

It is then that John Lennon says this:

“Shoe. What kept ya?” 

I know, weird. Like I said, it’s always the exact same dream. I wonder what it means? Am I ascending to heaven? That doesn’t seem likely. And Yoko’s still alive. Any experts out there?



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