Spherical “Roll Cloud” Photographed in Japan, but I’m Not Buying It

Posted: December 11, 2016 in Nature, Weather, WTF?

[NYT] According to scientists and climate experts, the cloud in the photos below probably falls under a “roll cloud” category. Roll Clouds “form under wind created from a ‘mountain wave’ (or airstreams going over mountains) on a windy day.” The photo was taken over the city of Fujisawa, Japan.

Blah-blah-blah. Roll Cloud Scmoll Cloud. Haven’t these people ever watched a 1950’s Science Fiction movie? There’s clearly an alien spaceship inside that fake cloud, man. Any idiot knows that. Those Martians aren’t fooling me. On a related note, RUN FOR YOUR LIVES, FUJISAWIANS!

PS- I swear I sat here for 20-minutes trying to work in a Uranus joke. Sadly, nothing. Guess I’m bringing my B game today.



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