Fake Happy Hour Playset Sparks Real Outrage, In Related News People Are Idiots

Posted: December 9, 2016 in Assclowns, Humor, News, Social Media

Social media users became outraged after someone posted an image of what happyhourappears to be packaging for the “Happy Hour Playset” on Facebook on December 6. The packaging says the playset includes a pretend bar, bar stools and beer bottles and shows toddlers standing at the plastic bar with plastic bottles in their hands and a very young bartender behind the bar. 

Readers took their frustrations to the Fisher-Price Facebook page for marketing such an item to toddlers or their parents. 

One Facebook user said, “Saw this and had to write. What the heck are you thinking? I hope to heaven that nobody buys this for their children it’s sick.”

The image was obviously photo-shopped by a very talented graphic designer. 

OK, listen up angry, judgemental, and sanctimonious people on your high horses: IT’S A JOKE. IT’S NOT REAL YOU MORONS.  See, those kids aren’t drinking real beer. It’s pretend. And look at that bartender. Adorable. On a related note, I’ve received look from bartenders before. And I love the words on the side. “Rough day at the playground? Pull up a stool!” That’s gold, Jerry. Gold.

Note: It’s just a matter of time before somebody starts selling this item for realz. Count on it.


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