Serial Kicker Draymond Green, Still Alive And Kicking

Posted: December 4, 2016 in Assclowns, Sports, Things I Hate
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The Golden State Warriors have a serial kicker on their team and he must be stopped. Some analysts, jock-sniffer Michael Wilbon among them, actually try and describe this as a natural basketball move. That, my friends, is insane. If it’s natural then why is he the only one doing it? And more importantly, why is Draymond Green so obsessed with other men’s crotches? Let’s take a look . . .

First up is a pretty blatant kick to Marquese Chriss’s back crotch. Yes, there is such a thing as you shall see.

 Next we have one of his most famous groin shots, this one to the nether regions of Steven Adams in the playoffs.

Here he is kicking James Harden in the head, something I’ve always wanted to do but that doesn’t excuse it. This is a rarity because another man’s junk isn’t involved.

Here’s a kick and a miss at Allen Crabbe. Hey, you can’t make contact with another dude’s privates all the time. Sorry, Dray.

And finally, here’s an amazing compilation of Draymond Green’s dirty plays. It’s amazing how he always plays the innocent victim. What a tool.

So why hasn’t Green been punished more than he has already? After all this, dude is still alive and kicking. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.



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