So Apparently “Adulting Classes” Are A Thing Now?

Posted: November 29, 2016 in Kids, Opinion, Parenting
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So yesterday we learned that, for the first time, more 18-34 year olds are living with their parents than not. Disgusting. And now, this:

[WSJ] – In the last several years, there’s been growing alarm over the fact millennials-welcome-to-life-that-participation-trophy-you-would-get-as-a-kid-it-doesn39t-work-here-meme-35512-2that many young people can no longer perform basic skills. In fact, one survey goes so far as to say that there are 20 basic skills – ranging from reading a map, looking something up in a book, spelling, grammar, handling money and handwriting – that are in danger of extinction in some of the developed parts of the world.

According to a recent article in The Wall Street Journal, this is becoming such a problem in the West that a couple of enterprising individuals created a business to pass these skills on to the next generation. Known as “The Adulting School,” the business aims to teach young people how to handle basic financial matters, simple household management, and other things one needs to live a successful adult life.

While it sounds humorous, it’s also rather tragic at the same time. How in the world did we end up with a generation of incapable adults?

Well, listen up wall Street Journal. I’ll tell you exactly how we ended up with a generation of incapable adults:

It’s their mommy and daddy’s fault.

Consider this – Parents have been taught that saying “no” to their child could permanently damage that child’s self-esteem. They’ve leaped in to “save” their child from any form of adversity, be it from a teacher, coach or neighborhood bully, rather than letting the child deal with the problem themselves.

They’ve also given them allowances and provided them with all the money they want, but never taught them to effectively earn and wisely manage that same money.

Parents also, for reasons unknown to me, feel their child should always be entertained. Because of this they involve them in every activity under the sun, from play dates to showering them with toys and computer games, but neglect to keep them involved in other ways like, you know, chores and stuff.

For you millennials, I know it’s a foreign concept but “chores” are activities like mowing the yard, taking out the trash, cleaning your room, barbaric stuff like that. Some kids even used to have to prepare their own plate at dinner! Gasp!

Honestly, young adults should not have to be taking an “Adulting Class” in order to learn the basic skills of life. Good grief. They should already have learned them from their parents as they grew up.

Really, shouldn’t kid’s lives revolve around their parents and not vice versa? Shouldn’t the ultimate goal of every parent be to raise a child that will someday, sooner than later, be prepared to exist on their own, independently?

Sadly, until parenting changes and children realize they’re not the center of the universe we’ll never see another generation of capable, responsible young adults.

Until then, there’s always Adulting Classes!

PS – Just talking about modern parenting in general, there are some amazing exceptions of course. But seriously, “Adulting Classes”?


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