Cool Animal of the Day: The Javelina

Posted: November 26, 2016 in Animals, Nature, Things I Love

Check out the Javelina, man. It looks like a cross between a hog and an aardvark, but the Javelina is actually neither. These southwestern mammals are more technically known as Collared Peccaries, though they are also sometimes called Musk Hogs or Skunk Pigs, which is just rude. They’re called that due to the strong scent glands they use to mark their territories. The Javelina defends itself with its long tusks, and get this – their tusks sharpen every time the Javelina closes its mouth. That’s not only diabolical but it’s nature doin’ its thing big-time. When threatened, the Javelina will rub its tusks together to make a chattering noise. Herds of javelina can sometimes be a nuisance in suburban areas, feeding on garbage and garden plants, but for the most part they ignore humans. Thank God for that, huh? Anyhoo, Javelina.



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