President-Elect Trump Continues His Fight For The People!

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Humor, Politics

As part of his “Make America Great Again” campaign promise, President-electtrump Trump has begun his latest fight for his people, the everyday, hard-working American.

First, Trump went to war against the cast of “Hamilton”, a broadway play featuring actors rapping and singing about our country’s founding fathers. After letting them know who’s boss, he went to battle against Saturday Night Live, and late night comedy show. The latest? Read on Americans . . .

[National Public Radio]: “Trump lit out after Jeff Zucker, president of CNN, criticizing his former business partner for using bad photos of him. He then turned then to NBC, saying it was the worst, criticizing its reporters, and saying it could not even come up with a flattering picture to broadcast. His complaint: the network’s photographs showed him with multiple chins.”

Hey, not gonna lie. I’m in total agreement here. I don’t want to see his multiple chins either. I’m just glad to see our new president is a man of action. Rest easy, Americans, The Donald is attacking problems one important issue at a time.

PS – Next up are the less important issues of banning muslims, building that wall, putting Hillary in prison and killing ISIS. Can’t wait!

PPS – Let it never be said that Shoe: Untied is not fair and balanced:



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