Another Senseless Bull Murder, This Time In Philly

Posted: November 23, 2016 in Animals, Assclowns, Opinion, WTF?
Helluva try bull. Helluva try.

Helluva try bull. Helluva try.

Philadelphia: A bull roamed the city for a time Tuesday afternoon before being killed by the Pennsylvania Game Commission. Apparently the four-legged farm animal made its way onto I-95 and the Vine Street Expressway this afternoon. reports the bull was being unloaded at a slaughterhouse at Girard Avenue and Hancock Street in Fishtown when it made its escape.

And apparently, the steaks… er, stakes… got pretty high. The Pennsylvania Game Commission fired twice, and the animal went down. According to the Inquirer, the conservation officer used a 12-gauge shotgun.

“It was simply an emergency situation where they were concerned about public safety,” said the spokesperson, Cheryl Trewella.

Hey Cheryl Trewella, you can go straight to hell.  We all know what you’re having for dinner tonight. Honestly, this bull was headed to the slaughterhouse and he knew it. What did you expect him to do, go meekly to a grisly death at the hands of a sledgehammer? This was a bull on the run, man, a bull looking for freedom and a life in the country. A real game commission would have cleared traffic and let this bull roll on to a life of liberty and happiness. Come on, man. And in Philadelphia no less? Outrageous. And you know the other bulls were looking on thinking, “Man, look at Carl. Going out on is own terms. Gotta respect that.”

 PS – I don’t like the tone of this article either. Making steak jokes out of a senseless shotgun murder is a bunch of bull. 


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