Loyola Cancels American Themed Party Because It “Oppresses Some Students”

Posted: November 22, 2016 in Humor, Opinion, WTF?


Washtimes – Students at Loyola University-Maryland were recently pressured to abort plans for an “America”-themed party over concerns they might “oppress” others. Sheilah Horton, the university’s dean of students, said America-themed events provide “an opportunity for students to dress or behave in a way that offends or oppresses others,” the Daily Caller reported Monday.“Even one negative event, especially with social media can cause the campus community to feel unsafe; it can be shared with potential students which can have an effect on admissions and indeed can be the defining incident for the class of 2017,” Ms. Horton said.

Hold up for j-u-s-t a second here. You can’t have an American themed party in America? What am I missing here? Can’t all nationalities that are American citizens enjoy a good old fashioned American themed party? If it’s American themed it includes everyone, correct? Big melting pot and whatnot? What in the world is going on? What has happened to our great country?

Thanks Trump!


Gimme a holler.

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