Weirdness of “Saved by the Bell” Explained!

Posted: November 20, 2016 in Humor, TV


So Peter Engel was Executive Producer of the television classic Saved By the Bell, a show that anybody over the age of 35 recalls with fondness. It ran from 1989 to 1993 on Saturday mornings (I think), and it was always sort of a weird show that felt like a high school play or something. The acting was suspect and the plot lines were juvenile, but there was something oddly engaging about the show.

That said, the aforementioned Peter Engel has written a book which may explain some of the show’s, uh, weirdness. Here’s the money quote:

“Monday through Friday, I would wake up and smoke two joints, pop speed to get through work, snort a gram of cocaine, and take a handful of Quaaludes to fall asleep.”

Ah. Everything makes sense now.


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