BREAKING: Eating Cheese the Key to a Longer Life!

Posted: November 17, 2016 in Food, Inspiration, Science, Things I Love

Scientists have come out in a new study and said that cheese consumption may actually help you live longer. Hallelujah brothas and sistas! According to research from the science journal “Nature Medicine” eating some aged cheese might actually add years to your life. People, I am not overstating this when I say I am giddy and giggling like an 11-year old schoolgirl over here.

Researchers tested an ingredient in cheese unfortunately called “spermidine” that increased the lifespan of mice and rats.

The paper also took a survey of over 800 Italians and found that the ones who ate more of the spermidine containing cheese had a lower blood pressure and lower risk of heart failure and cardiovascular disease. To be fair some doctors caution that the effects of eating Spermidine may be undermined due to the large fat content of cheese, but they can all go straight to hell.

To summarize, if you’re like me and eat about 4-tons of cheese a week you’ll live to be 127.

Thank you and goodnight.



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