Cool Animal of the Day: The Blonde Penguin

Posted: November 4, 2016 in Animals, Nature, Things I Love

Hey, check out the cool penguin, man. Just blonde like you read about. Apparently it’s a genetic condition that dilutes the color in penguin’s feathers, so technically this guy is a mutant. However, since he looks cooler than other penguins that doesn’t seem to fit, does it? Anyhoo, Blonde Penguin.

Hi there, the attached photo has just been picked up by the Today show as well as MSNBC.  We don't want you all to miss out on the buzz!  Attached is photo if you are interested in including it on NG's facebook page?  Below are the details of when, where and who took the photo. If you use it we are hoping you could also link to the trip it was taken on which is our Journey to Antarctica trip.  Here is trackable link! David Stephens snapped this photo of a rare leucistic penguin waddling its way through the Aitcho Islands in Antarctica yesterday. PenguinsÕ two-tone black-and-white coloring offers camouflage while diving for fish, and this color is so fundamental to their success in catching fish that variations are seldom seen. Guests and expedition staff aboard the National Geographic Explorer were treated to a rare sighting of this nearly all-white leucistic Chinstrap penguin. ItÕs not quite an albino since it has pigmented eyes and a washed-out version of a Chinstrap penguinÕs coloring pattern. ÒMany wondered about this unusual birdÕs chances of success,Ó Stephens said. ÒWhile odd coloration may make fishing a bit more difficult, leucistic birds are regularly found breeding normally.Ó


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