Loch Ness Monster Spotted In Alaska’s Chena River! In Related News, Loch Ness Tourism Bureau Is Devastated

Posted: October 31, 2016 in Animals, Interesting Photos, Interesting Videos, Nature, The Supernatural, The Unknown, WTF?

So this video is busting out all over the interweb and people are going nutso over it. Anyhoo, I bet the folks over at Loch Ness are pissed, huh? They’ve been over there selling Loch Ness Monster t-shirts and bumper stickers for years and now this big guy comes along, on Halloween no less, just swimming along like a boss and stealing all the ink. Diabolical move by the Alaskan beast. Just savage. Here’s a look. Appears to be a 4 or 5-foot fish to me, but what do I know?

Note: Be sure and watch the second video. It’s about the legendary Providence Sea Monster and it’s an absolute cinematic classic.

Note 2: Experts are now saying the Alaska video may actually be of a big Sturgeon. Boom. See? I told you so.



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