The Election is Over

Posted: October 25, 2016 in Opinion, Politics
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Can't we all just get along?

Can’t we all just get along?

Sorry Trump supporters, but it’s true. Barring some one-in-a-million, life-jolting, earth shattering event that knocks the world off its axis, the election is over.

The Donald can’t win.

Pundits can talk about emails, murders, lies, p*ssy grabbing, sniffling and the rest, but rest assured, no matter who you back in this volatile, emotion-filled election, the truth is it’s basically over.

See, here’s the problem. Most people watch FOX, MSNBC, CNN, CNBC (they all run together for me at this point) and even the old ABC, NBC and CBS networks, but they’re basically just hucksters out there trying to make a buck and gain viewership. Hell, they don’t want to tell you it’s over because people would quit watching and the money would quit rolling in. Nobody got time for that, now do they?

The reality, though?

Nate Silver, who called 49 or the 50 states in the 2008 election correctly, then followed that up by picking an incredible 50 of 50 in 2012, gives Clinton an 85.9% chance of winning and Trump a 14.1% chance.

Uh-oh. I’m no mathematician but that seems a bit lopsided, man.

Mitt Romney only won 206 electoral votes in 2012, and according to Karl Rove’s judgment, Trump can only feel comfortable with about 168 with 2-weeks to go. And friends, Karl Rove is about as conservative as you can get. He was Senior Advisor to President George W. Bush from 2000 to 2007. He also points out that although Trump is barely eeking out a polling lead here in Ohio and Iowa, he is behind in North Carolina and Arizona, states that Romney won. He adds that the deficit in other big electoral vote states like Florida is so severe that Trump is unlikely to pull ahead.

Somehow though, people have the impression that the race is close. For instance, I’ve heard from several people who are amazed at all the Trump signs they see along the road:

“I counted 112 Trump signs on the way to Dayton today! And there were only 29 for Hillary. Trump’s going to win!”

Too bad signs can't vote, amirite?

Too bad signs can’t vote, amirite?

The problem with that logic is this – sure, although Trump will probably win Southern Ohio, those votes will be cancelled out by just a few voting precincts in Cleveland.

It’s a fact, folks. Sorry.

Listen, I’m not a huge fan of either candidate. Hillary Clinton is flawed, to put it mildly, and Trump is, well, something. Scary maybe? This election the epitome of the phrase, “picking the lesser of two evils” to me.

But bottom line? If you really look at the information it would take a miracle for Donald Trump to win this election, and the reality is that it’s probably going to be a landslide.

And whatever happens, it’s going to take a whole lotta healing before our country can get on track again.


See? Smiling doesn’t hurt. Wait. Is The Donald smiling?

Sidenote: I’ve never understood the Trumpian logic that says if Hillary wins the election is rigged, but if The Donald wins it is not. Makes zero sense. And oh, by the way, do you have any idea how difficult it would be to “rig” a national election? Hell, my dog Sparky and I can’t keep a secret and he can’t talk. 



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