A Few Thoughts Regarding The Walking Dead Season 7 Premiere

Posted: October 24, 2016 in Opinion, Things I Love, TV


Whew. Well, that was difficult.

Anyone who’s a Walking Dead fan will tell you that last night’s Season 7 Premiere was absolutely gut-wrenching. I swear I felt as if I’d been punched right in the stomach. I was a little sleepy before the show started, but afterwards I was wired for hours. Just a brutal, emotional show that was difficult to get over.

You know a show has hit you hard when it’s the last thing you thought about before falling asleep and the first thing you thought about when you woke up.

Surprisingly (at least to me), it seems most of the reviews were pretty poor, with complaints about the negativity, the killings and the overall “bleakness” of the premiere. W-h-u-u-u-t? Uh, newsflash, folks. People are always dying in this show. It’s always had a lot of death followed by characters immersed in grief. If that’s not the definition of bleak I don’t know what is. And what the hell did you expect, for the characters to build a makeshift stage and start performing showtunes?

Good Lord.

But back to a couple observations about the show. Honestly, I only have a couple questions, and those are these:

  • Honestly, who sits there and lets somebody club them over the head with a barbwire-wrapped baseball bat? I know Negan had threatened them and told them not to move, but wouldn’t you go down swinging?
  • Was it me or did Rick have more than a couple chances to take Negan out in the RV? I guess we’re supposed to believe he was so distraught from the killings he was crippled mentally? Seems a little bit of a stretch, especially knowing Rick as we do. I know he witnessed a lot that night, but hasn’t he been through worse? I mean, he watched his son kill his best friend, watched his son get shot (twice), and experienced his son kill his wife Beth.

Finally, just a couple quick observations. It’s always pissed me off when I excitedly tell people about The Walking Dead and they come back with this:

“Ah, I’m not a fan of zombie shows. Sorry.”

Really? If I’ve said it once I’ve said it a million times, the brilliance of The Walking Dead is not about zombies and it’s not about the violence, although both of those are an integral part of the show. From the beginning it’s always been about the characters. Real TWD fans know and understand this.

Perhaps the most amazing thing longtime fans have come to realize about The Walking Dead is that the true monsters are not the dead walking the earth, but instead, man. Chilling really, but in an apocalyptic world it makes perfect sense, right?

Bottom line? I loved the Season 7 Premiere. If you read the graphic comic this didn’t come as a shock. Hell, the death of Glenn last night was a mirror image of the comic. As a friend of mine messaged me a bit ghoulishly, the TV producers “hit it right on the head.”


Yep. Pretty much.

So, if you’ve a TV junkie but have never watched this show, I strongly encourage a Netflix binge party as soon as possible.

You’ll catch up in no time.



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