One-Eyed Bullfighter Gored In Eye Because God Hates Bullfighters

Posted: October 17, 2016 in Assclowns, Things I Hate

You all know how I feel about bullfighters. Hate ’em. Can’t stand to watch them torment the bull. I always root for the bull and hope it kills the guy. And you know those sticks you see stabbed into the bull? They’re called banderillas and they’re put there by people before the bullfight to stimulate blood loss and irritate the bull. That’s awful, man. Anyway, some dumbass bullfighter named “El Pirata” because he’d already lost an eye in a bullfight just got gored in the other eye, which is simply awesome. Now they’ll have to call him “El Blindo” I guess. Anyhoo, nice job bull.



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