Odell Beckham Scores TD, Proposes To Kicking Net. In Other News, Odell Beckham Is An Idiot.

Posted: October 16, 2016 in Assclowns, Sports, Things I Hate
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Odell Beckham plays for the NY Giants. A couple weeks ago he threw a hissy fit and punched a kicking net. Today, because he wanted the cameras to be on him, he proposed to the kicking net. Apparently, because the kicking net and Odell have the same exact IQ, it said yes. I hope this relationship is a short and painful one. On a related note, Odell Beckham is a self-absorbed, self-unaware, assclown media whore.

PS- What do all the cameramen film this nonsense? Ignore him and he’ll stop, people.






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