Poor Odell Beckham is “Not Having Fun Anymore”

Posted: October 5, 2016 in Assclowns, Sports, Wussification of America

ESPN  “Football is my sanctuary,” Beckham said. “It’s where I go to odell-beckham-cryingescape. It’s where I’m most happy. I’m not having fun anymore.” Beckham cited last season’s matchup with Josh Norman in his interview, saying that it “tarnished” his image and blaming the media for continuing to focus on his on-field conduct. He also said that the intense coverage of his latest matchup with Norman and the Redskins was circulated on social media, causing other Giants players to see it and focus on their teammate’s mental state. “I just have to understand that if I sneeze the wrong way, it’ll be a flag, it’ll be a fine. If I tie my shoe the wrong way, it might be a fine or a flag”, Beckham said.

Poor Odell Beckham. I really feel badly for the guy. The media is paying too much attention to him, damn it! Leave my man alone! So he has blonde tips on his weird spiked up afro, that’s simply a style choice, man! It’s not meant to be an attention grabber! And just because he preens around on the sideline like a petulant prima donna doesn’t mean the cameras should show it! Seriously, just because he signed a contract with a $6 million signing bonus and $10 million guaranteed, it doesn’t give people the right to bully him. Outrageous! Leave Odell alone!

Please, NY Giants, keep a close eye on Odell’s mental state. The world is against him, man. Dude needs a shoulder to cry on. Be there for him.

Note – I keep reading that he’s only 23-years old and to cut him a break, he’s just a kid. Newsflash: 18-year olds fight and die in wars. Beckham is an adult.

Note 2 – “I’m not having fun anymore” seems to be a common refrain these days. Let me explain this to you – practices aren’t supposed to be fun. They’re supposed to be difficult. You know what’s fun though? Winning. Winning is fun.


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