Really Bad Terrorists Kill 16 Of Their Own By Mistake

Posted: October 4, 2016 in Humor, News

Free BeaconSixteen Islamic State fighters were accidentally taken off the terroristbattlefield last week by one of their own after an explosive belt malfunction killed them and wounded another 16 terrorists.

The ISIS fighters had been meeting in the village of al-Mahaws, approximately 34-miles southwest of Kirkuk, Iraq, Al-Masdar News reported, citing Iraqi media. The jihadists were planning an attack on Iraqi Security Forces when a defective explosive belt blew up.

Senior ISIS officials were present at the meeting, some of whom were among the dead.

Boy, bad look for the terrorists, huh? Dudes meeting to plan a big attack and blow themselves up by mistake. Nothing worse than an explosive belt malfunction, amirite? I mean, you never detonate that belt bomb until you’re among the enemy. That’s Terrorism 101, really.

Bad look, terrorists. Bad look indeed.


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