Shoe: Untied’s Most Popular Blogs: An Update

Posted: October 2, 2016 in Humor, Things I Love

I started this site on April 12th, 2012 and since then I’ve written 4,712 favorite-298x300articles. Man, that seems like a lot. Let me figure it out on my calculator do the math in my head . . .

That’s well over 1,000 a year, man. Perhaps I need to cut back a little, maybe take a walk in the woods or something.


Anyway, when I write stuff I never know if people will like it or not. Sometimes I’m certain I’ve written a sure-fire killer blog only to have it virtually ignored. Other times I’ll put something out there that I assume nobody will be interested in and it blows up all over the place. Makes no sense to me.

That said, what follows is an update of my most popular posts. I’ll comment on each . . .

1. 15 Reasons I Hate LeBron James

Yeah, this one went viral and was viewed by people all over the world, possibly even the man himself. But hey, he came back to Cleveland so although he still pisses me off from time-to-time I like him again. Anyway, shortly after I wrote this one I wrote another . . .

2. So I’m pretty sure the guy who responded to my “15 Reasons I Hate LeBron James” blog was LeBron James

Not even kidding. I was almost expecting the Akron Mafia to appear on my front porch there for awhile.

3. Remembering Andy

This is something I wrote about the passing of my old friend Andy Anderson. The number of people interested in this is a testament to the power of Andy’s personality.

4. How Chicago’s Peter Cetera once ruined a relationship. Mine.

Why people liked this is a mystery to me. It’s the true story of a rock star trying to steal my girl.

5. Jigger

Memories of my late friend, brother-in-law and high school principal, Donald “Jigger” Anderson. He had a positive effect on thousands of people, and that was reflected by the number of views of my story.

6. Regarding Beach Midgets

The success of this one really, really shocked me. It’s a very short story of Jigger and I and our secret code when checking out girls on the beach. I guess you have to read it to understand it.

7. The Remnants of Old Route 50

Here’s another one that I figured very few people would care about. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was wrong.

8. Requiem for a Tradition: The Demise of High School Sports

An article I wrote regarding my opinion that high school sports are dying. It was picked up by a couple national websites and subsequently got a ton of views.

9. Losing Tim

Another piece in which I wrote about a close friend who had passed. Again, Tim impacted a lot of people in his life, hence the views.

10. The Origin of the Bearcats and the Black & Gold

It occurred to me that some folks may not know the backstory regarding our school’s nickname and colors. Turns out a lot of people wanted to know.

11. Basketball, An Island, and a Volcano: My Journey to the Caribbean

The incredible story of my first visit to the island of Montserrat, and the day I looked into a volcano that erupted for the first time in recorded history about 36-hours later. It’s still hard to believe it actually happened.

12. So I got a lovely message from a LeBron fan today. Or did I?

Yep. Another story related to my LeBron James article. Wild times there for awhile.

13. Sara’s Last Wish

Something I wrote recently about an aide of mine when I was Athletic Director. She was a very special young lady.

14. Jigger’s Tree

After Jigger passed away in 1996, my friend Tom showed up the next day with a tree to plant in his honor. This is the story of that tree.

15. The People of Facebook

Man, this one upset some people, mainly because they thought some of it was about them. And they were right.

16. For What It’s Worth, Some Tips For New Teachers

Just me giving some advice to the new teachers out there. It was actually printed by a few principals and given out to first-year teachers at their schools.

17. The Festival of Leaves Parade and the Legend of the Renegade Float

The crazy story of how my friends and I crashed the parade at a local festival. A photo recently surfaced, and it is spectacular.

18. Trusting Robbie

I once loaned one of my players money for shoes and a fellow teacher thought I was a sucker for trusting him. Turns out I was not.

19. Top 40 Eternal Musical Questions Answered! Sort of.

Something compelled me to try and answer the questions asked in famous songs. I know not why. Luckily, people enjoyed it.

20. And just like that, it’s all over. I’m retiring.

I wrote this the day I found out I was retiring a year earlier than I thought. It was pretty emotional and straight from the heart.

21. 1996: Montserrat vs. The World

The story of my basketball team from Montserrat and how we shocked the Bob Cousy Tournament in Boston by beating South Africa, India and Poland.

22. Brad Kerns, and Parenting the Way It Should Be

A short story about one of my favorite basketball parents and friends.

23. Seeing, for the first time.

My experience using EnChroma sunglasses for the first time. Those are the glasses that let color blind people such as myself see colors. It was an incredible experience.

24. Scioto Valley Conference Expansion: Why not?

This was my argument for expanding our athletic conference. The article was printed in the Chillicothe Gazette along with a link so it got a lot of views.

25. A Man Called “Pop”

My recollections of Claude “Pop” Cook, a legend in his own time.

26. OSU vs. Michigan and the Road Trip to End All Road Trips

My story about the time myself and 9 other guys went to the Ohio State-Michigan football game at Ann Arbor in an old school bus. How we never got arrested in an eternal mystery.

27. Remembering Delaney

Remembering my little Scottish Terrier. I still miss her today.

28. Sparky vs. the Coyote

Yep, my best friend got into a scrape with a Hound from Hell. And won.

29. Incident on Bridge Street, or How a Numbskull Almost Got 2 x 4’d

How these things happen to me is beyond comprehension.

30. Someone in the Backseat

A terrifying, but ultimately hilarious, story of someone in my backseat.

31. A right cross, with love.

Another anecdote from my childhood involving my amazing mother. As far as this story goes, I deserved what I got.

32. Dodgeball: A Microcosm of Life

A story about the single greatest game ever invented.

33. An Incident at the Mall

Somehow, I avoided mall security.

34. Vacationing with Jigger

I’ve written a bunch of stories about Jigger, and this one about our family trips was pretty popular.

35. How a Convict Killed My Relationship, But Probably Saved Me In the Long Run

Again, I was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

36. Summer’s history, so here’s my take on going back to school.

My opinion regarding teachers who bitch about going back to school after summer break.

37. “You saved me, you know.”

A story that I wasn’t sure I wanted to write, but people really liked. Glad I published it.



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