When Terrorism Strikes, What Would You Do? Here are 5 People Who Fought Back.

Posted: September 19, 2016 in Amazing and Interesting Stories, Inspiration, Things I Love

We’ve all thought about it. What would you do if terrorism struck close to you? Since 9/11 we’ve all thought about it when we board a plane. I know I always check out passengers, looking to see if anyone is acting peculiarly. Sadly, it’s apart of all our lives whether we like it or not.

I guess none of us really know how we’d react in the face of such danger, but I did find examples of people who went on the offensive, and as a result saved lives. Read on . . .

  • Just this past weekend shoppers at the Crossroads Center mall in St. Cloud, Minnesota were attacked by a knife wielding man. ISIS later
    Terrorism schmerrorism.

    Terrorism schmerrorism.

    claimed responsibility for the incident in which a man dressed in a private security outfit took a knife and stabbed 9-innocent civilians. One man, however, decided this bullshit was going to stop. An off duty police officer named Jason Falconer happened to be shopping at the mall that day. The bad guy made the dumb decision to run toward Officer Falconer and was promptly popped right in the chest. The terrorist went down and tried to get up three more times, but was promptly stopped by a few more bullets from Falconer. Afterwards I’m guessing Falconer went on to Ruby Tuesday’s and had a few beers and a steak, rare. Terrorism? Not on Jason Falconer’s watch.

  • A young man named Yishay Montgomery thought he would chill by the waterfront in Tel Aviv, Israel last March and play his acoustic guitar. As he sat there strumming, a knife wielding terrorist began attacking those around him. What did he do? Run for his life? Nope. He sprang into action, fighting back with the only weapon he had – his acoustic guitar. He ran at the man and throttled him over the head with his trusty Gibson. Others then joined in the fight and subdued the attacker, who was eventually shot by police. 10-people were stabbed and an American named Taylor Force later died from his wounds, but Yishay Montgomery saved countless more. Attaboy, Yishay.
  • During the terrible Nice, France terrorist attack in which 84-people were run over and killed by a large truck, a motorcyclist and a moped rider jumped into action. As everyone else ran in the opposite direction, a dude on a moped later identified only as “Franck” sped toward the ISIS asswipe manning the truck. As this was happening, a motorcyclist named Alexander Migues leapt from his bike onto the side of the truck and began pummeling the terrorist in the face. He did this even as policemen were firing bullets into the cab. When the terrorist pulled a gun Migues jumped off, but he had slowed the truck down to give Franck enough time to get his moped in position to throw  it under the truck’s tires, bringing the vehicle to a complete stop. This allowed police the opportunity to kill the driver and prevent even further deaths. Bad. Ass. Franck and Alexander, men of action. Respect, man.
  • In August of 2015 a group of three American friends were traveling on a high speed train from Amsterdam to Paris, France. As the train passed through Belgium a gunman came out of the bathroom brandishing a weapon and began shooting randomly at passengers. Unluckily for the bad guy two of the Americans happened to be members of the US Army and Air Force. U.S. Army Specialist Alek Skarlatos, 22, U.S. Air Force Airman First Class Spencer Stone, 23, and Anthony Sadler, 23, a Sacramento college student, attacked and tackled the gunman. They beat him senseless and then tied him up before he could injure or kill any more passengers. Airman Stone was stabbed in the fight but survived because he’s more of a badass than any freaking terrorist. ‘Merica!
  • An ISIS militant wearing a suicide belt filled with explosives was making his way to a shrine in the Iraqi city of Balad. Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi was with a group of people walking toward the shrine when he noticed the suicide bomber about to detonate his bomb belt. Being the fearless mofo that he was, Al-Baldawi stopped the terrorist, beating and subduing him and preventing him from entering the Sayyed Mohammad Shrine. Other suicide bombers were successful that day, but one terrorist was unsuccessful thanks to one Najih Shaker Al-Baldawi and his heroic decision to take action and not run away.

So you want heroes? There ya go. These men in the face of pure evil and fought the good fight.

What would you do?


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