Incredible Photo of the Day: The Double Tree of Casorzo

Posted: September 8, 2016 in Great Photographs, Interesting Photos, Nature, Things I Love

In the countryside of Piemonte, Italy, there is an unusual sight. There is a cherry tree there that looks, in most respects, just like any other healthy cherry tree—except that it happens to growing directly on top of a mulberry tree. How did it happen? Some think a bird dropped a cherry tree seed on the top of the mulberry tree. Others think it’s sorcery. I’ll go with the second choice because it’s more fun.


  1. When we lived in Gahanna, we had an apple tree that part of it had gone back to the graft There was a tree with big regular sized apples at one part of it, and another part -all in the same tree that was a wild-like apple tree with tiny little apples on it. Janny Brizius

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