Incredible Photo of the Day: Grüner See Park, Austria

Posted: September 6, 2016 in Great Photographs, Interesting Photos, Nature, Things I Love

In Austria, there’s a park with beautiful hiking trails and benches you can jog through any autumn morning. If you visit in the spring, though, it’s a little different—in fact, you’ll need scuba gear.

The park is near the Hochschwab Mountains, which get completely covered with snow in the winter. There’s so much snow on the mountains that, when it melts, the park’s lake doubles in size—and drowns the park.

If you swim through it in the spring, you’ll see benches and bridges under the water. Even some of the alpine flowers, which normally only survive above the surface, will bloom under the water. Then, partway through the summer, the water starts to recede—and the park emerges from underneath.



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