These Historical Local Photos Are Pretty Cool

Posted: September 4, 2016 in History, Interesting Photos, Things I Love

A couple weeks ago I posted an article called Remnants of Old Route 50, and I was overwhelmed with the response it received. I had no idea people would be so interested. With that in mind I did some research regarding the towns of Bainbridge and Bourneville and found some pretty awesome pics, with a couple other cool photos thrown in for good measure. Check ’em out, and if you can add any information please let me know!


This is the cemetery just east of Bourneville in 1919. Look at how few graves there were. Also, Route 50 is a dirt road. Crazy man.


This is actually the bridge on Jones Levee Road over Paint Creek. It stood from 1864 to 1937.


Here’s an old photo from Twin School, circa 1958-59. That has to be Bob Cooper on the front right, correct? Recognize anyone else?


This was the gas station that stood on Route 50, on the right just before entering Bainbridge. It was Swisshelm’s Sohio Station!


Here’s the old Double Bridge between Paint Valley High School and Bainbridge. Again, Route 50 was a dirt road. This is facing east. PV would later be built a mile or so farther on the right.


The Bainbridge Methodist Church in 1910. Cool.


Main Street in Bainbridge, 1911. Recognize anything still standing?


Here’s downtown Bainbridge in 1909.

Remember the Standard Elevator in Chillicothe? I believe it was demolished in the late 80’s perhaps?

The building burned down. Site later became gas station, later used as school bus garage.

The information I found said the building burned down, the site later became gas station, and even later used as school bus garage. Where could it have stood? By the hills in the background I’m guessing on the south side of what is now Route 50? Is this where Homer Ward’s old gas station once stood?


This is a passenger train being boarded in Bainbridge. Anyone know where this might be? North of town near 41?


This was labeled “Paint Creek Valley, 1909”. From what hill was this taken? Any ideas? Is that the covered bridge between where Paint Valley now stands and Bainbridge? Or is this nowhere near Bainbridge or Bourneville?


Bainbridge School, 1907.


I believe this is the Bainbridge Depot on 41, looking south. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong. Check out the water tower.


Bainbridge again. You can see the Paxton Theater on the left.


This gentleman was Dr. Chenoweth. He was a doctor in Bourneville after the Civil War. Amazing.



Here’s a parade in Bainbridge, obviously long before the Fall Festival of Leaves existed. There’s the Paxton Theater, and check out Kenny Furniture across the street. By the cars I’m guessing this was maybe the 40’s or 50’s?

Again, if anyone can lend some insight into any of these photos please let me know and I’ll make the necessary corrections.

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