Music. Could you live without it?

Posted: September 1, 2016 in Inspiration, Life, Music, Rock Music, Things I Love


Music is such a big part of my life I barely know where to begin. I can’t even fathom not having it around me constantly. If I don’t see a live show every couple months I start getting all jittery and whatnot, like I’m going through withdrawal.

How do people get by without music? I have friends who barely listen to music. A girl I once knew listened to two artists exclusively – Bon Jovi and Jimmy Buffett. Seriously, those two. Exclusively. All the time. That just baffled the hell out of me.

And some people are stuck forever in their favorite genre or decade for all-time. For instance, I know guys who limit their collection to 70’s Rock, groups like KISS, Journey and Boston. This is incomprehensible to me.

Hey, I like that stuff as much as the next guy but my mood sort of dictates what I listen to, ya know?  And sometimes KISS just doesn’t do it for me.

Sometimes R.E.M. or The Eels do it for me.

Or The Ramones.

Or even Tchaikovsky.

Or often, the sweet sounds of Smokey Robinson & the Miracles or The Stylistics.

Like I said, it just depends on the mood, ya know?

I have friends who only listen to Sports Talk Radio or the news in their car, and that’s perplexing to me as well. To each his own I guess, but I just can’t relate, man.

I listen to music everywhere – my car, the bathroom, my office, my classroom, the beach, or when I walk or ride my bike.

On the rare occasion I leave Sparky at home, I always leave music on for him. I just make sure Taylor Swift isn’t in the mix. If you missed that blog, Sparky hates Taylor Swift.

And I love all music – classic rock, alternative, reggae, hip-hop, country (old and new), R&B (especially The Philly Sound), classical, everything. That doesn’t mean there’s music out there I don’t like, but for me, everything is in play.

My parents listened to guys like Dean Martin and Al Martino, and I used to listen to my oldest sister Karen’s records by Gene Pitney, Bobby Vinton and yes, Elvis Presley. But let me tell you, when The Beatles came along it was on.

When my middle sister Sara began dating a guy named Dave my music tastes were suddenly broadened considerably. Dave used to bring 45s to the house every time he came over, and all of a sudden I was hearing stuff by The Grass Roots, Lou Christie, The Bee Gees, The Byrds and many more.

I can’t tell you how many hours I spent just lounging on the living room couch, listening to music on the stereo. It’s hard to explain, but I just got lost in it. Hours would pass as I became immersed in the music.

Back then I often turned to it in times of trouble. Still do. When things are going badly music can take you to another place.

A better place.

We’ve all been there. You’re listening to a song, and you suddenly realize that the person who wrote the song has experienced the exact same thing that you are experiencing. Suddenly, you’re not alone.

And that’s comforting, right?

Anyway, here’s a sample of some moods and what you might find me listening to when I’m in them:

Sad = The Beatles or The Eels. These bands cheer me up without fail. They make me happy.

Angry = The Clash or Breaking Benjamin. Punk can be pretty angry music so it works and so does Post Grunge/Alternative Metal.

Happy = Al Green. I dare you to listen to “Let’s Stay Together” and not smile. I love Al Green.

Nervous = Tchaikovsky. Tchaikovsky soothes the soul. I also often listen to Tchaikovsky when I clean the house, which makes no sense whatsoever but is nevertheless true. I’m a complex dude.

These are just samples. Like I said, on any given day it could be anything.

So, is music as big a part of your life as it is mine? If so, who are your go-to bands or artists?

Let’s hear it!

  1. Cindy Chalfant says:

    Must run in the family! I LOVE music, all kinds. I love songs that move me to cry, sing along, jump and shout and dance! I love a screaming guitar! Eric Clapton, Santana, Joe Walsh and Jonny Lang. I love the simple early songs of the Beatles and I love me some Pit Bull. I ALWAYS have music on in the car. Lately, I have been listening to some contemporary gospel and it fills me up. I can’t live without music and I certainly don’t even want to try!

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