Cool Beans! Words and Phrases That Need To Make a Comeback.

Posted: August 17, 2016 in Humor, Opinion, Things I Hate, Things I Love, Words

I’m dead serious here, and with my access to the minds of literally hundreds of impressionable children, I’m just the man to pull this off. You see, there are some words and phrases that need to, dare I say have to, come back. They’re just too cool to let slip away in the mists of time. I mentioned a few of these words in the legendary blog Word Up: Snorkel, Curds and Uranus a few months ago. Words such as shenanigans, which is used much too infrequently. Come on, say it. Shenanigans. You know it’s fun. So without further ado let’s list some words and phrases that need to make a comeback.

On with the shenanigans!

On a related note, withour further ado is an awesome thing to say. I’ve no clue what it means, but awesome nonethelessOn another related note, we use awesome way too much.

But on to the list . . .

  • Cool Beans – Cool beans, man! Something can be cool, but something that is really cool is cool beans. Love it, and I use it regularly in class. For those of you who hate the phrase “cool beans”, it’s too late. It’s already catching on in the hallowed halls of Paint Valley Elementary. And yes, I loved the 80’s.
  • Bogus – As in “not cool at all” or in other words the opposite of “cool beans”. “Hey Max, that shirt your wearing is bogus, dude. You’re better’n’at.”
  • Solid – Here’s another one I use regularly with the kids. “Hey Drake, do me a solid and run up to the cafeteria and grab me a grape-flavored water. Here’s a buck. You can add the quarter as payment for getting out of class for 5-minutes.” See what I did there? We exchanged solids.
  • Bitchin’ – Obviously not for use in the classroom, but still. I like it because it’s usage is the opposite of it’s intended meaning. For instance, it’s usually used negatively, as in, “Charlie’s bitchin’ about his job.” In this case, though, it’s a positive word. Picture a guy standing there looking at a friend’s newly restored ’64 Mustang. As he nods approvingly he says, “Bitchin‘.” Cool word. Case closed.
  • Jeepers – Great word, amirite? Jeepers! Sorta reminds you of a Leave it to Beaver episode. “Jeepers, Wally! You’re in for it now!” For you young folk out there, Leave it to Beaver was a TV show from back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and people used telephones that were connected to the wall with a wire and whatnot. Oh, and kids went outside to play and stuff. Related: Jeepers Creepers. Also cool.
  • Rapscallion – From Merriam Webster: rascal, ne’er-do-well. “Get outta my yard, ya little rapscallion!” Sounds so much cooler than, say, punk. I also like scalawag and scamp.
  • Gnarly – I know, 80’s again. Gnarly can be used in both a positive and negative connotation though, as in “Ooh, look what the dog threw up. Gnarly.” Or, “Wow, gnarly shoes man. Love ’em.

I would also propose we bring back phrases like “Heavens to Murgatroyd!” which would give us all an excuse to use the word murgatroyd several times a day. By the way, this phrase was often used by a cat named Snagglepuss. Snagglepuss was a  . . . ah, just search it up on The Goggle.

I also would like to see words like swell and golly and gee whiz return but perhaps I ask too much. I long for a simpler time.

And hey, why we’re at it, here are some words and phrases I could do without:

  • Awesome –  As previously mentioned. I would like to amend this by saying that awesome is acceptable when pronounced A-soooooooooooooome! Just one man’s opinion.
  • Groovy – People use it still, usually just to sound hippie-ish. Right on, man.
  • Whatever – Such a dismissive word, no? A friend of mine uses it sometimes, I’m sure just to annoy me.
  • Super – Yeah, not a fan. “Super shirt, Mr. Wilson!” or “I am super excited about this meeting.” And I really dislike Super Duper.

Now there are certain words that are rather timeless, like cool and dude. I actually heard a kid tell his dad that he was too old to use the word dude. Dude, I was using dude back in the 70’s, so that’s just bogus. And cool goes w-a-y back to the late 19th century when people were saying “cool as a cucumber” and “keep a cool head.” I looked that up. Don’t ever question my blogging integrity.

So there you have it, a few words regarding words. I have already begun my personal quest to inject some of these words and phrases straight back into the American lexicon.

Don’t count me out.

  1. Jack Dingus says:

    “I dig you man” I use a few idyoisoms (spell check) does a fat baby fart?-does a bear shit in the woods? greener than grass -colder than a witches tit in a brass bra-is a frogs ass watertight?

  2. Becky Immell Dozer says:

    How about oopsa daisy, gargantuan,whooped, Totally, absolutely, etc. Ha!

  3. Joe says:

    in the 80’s, I had a cool reading teacher who had something called “freebies” lmao and it involved a nerf hoop and a bigass paddle……

  4. jaelynn dingus says:

    i dig you man its pretty ad that im in 6th grade and i know what you mean i have bean saying cool beans for about 9 months now and i said it early today to my princeable and all of the sudden my princable sent me this website.

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