Canadian bro punches 300-lb bear to save himself and his dog, normal men everywhere shamed.

Posted: July 6, 2016 in Adventure, Amazing and Interesting Stories, Animals, Humor, Inspiration, News

Yeah, but you should see the bear.

(Source) A Sudbury, Canada man is walking away with only scratches after fighting a 300-pound black bear. Sixty-one year old Rick Nelson was walking his dog in the Panache area on Sunday afternoon when he stumbled across the bear’s cub. “I sat down on a log and the bear cub poked its head out of the shrub nearby. It was so close I could touch it. It let out a yelp, because I scared the heck out of it,” Nelson told CBC News. “I knew right away I was in trouble,” he said. “It’s calling for mommy.” Nelson is a former bear hunter, so he stood up knowing he only had seconds to spare. “The mother was coming full speed. All you could hear was the bush crashing. I had no rocks, no sticks, but I couldn’t let it get me or my dog” he said, but he did have a lot of boxing practice. Nelson tried to swing at the bear but missed, hitting it in the teeth. The bear hit back, scratching Nelson across the chest and face. “I knew it would swing first with its left but it would really come with its right, because most bears are right-handed,” Nelson said. So Nelson swung a second time. “I had the perfect shot to take. I did an underhand and hit it right in the snout. You want to make sure if you punch a bear that you’re hitting it straight in its snout. That’s really the only thing you have on a bear that will really startle it,” Rick Nelson told CBC News. The mother bear turned around and it was snorting blood. It looked at me, and I thought, ‘Oh no. Here it comes,’” he said. “But it just turned back around and walked away like nothing ever happened and followed the cub,” Nelson said.

Luck schmuck Rick Nelson. That bear knew exactly what it was doing and that was getting the hell out of there. Why? Because it just got a bloody nose from an uppercut by Mr. Rick Nelson. Go snort your blood elsewhere, bear.

Men, remember this tonight when you shriek like a little girl at that bee in your yard. Man up a little for once.

Honestly, my favorite part of this story is how Rick knew the bear would probably try and set him up with the left before he came with the big overhand right because most bears are right-handed. Of course everybody knows this. My second favorite part is how Rick explains matter-of-factly that “You want to make sure if you punch a bear that you’re hitting it straight in its snout” as if this happens all the time. Remember this tidbit next time you box a bear, kids.

PS- I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that Rick Nelson understands bear-talk too. “It was calling for it’s mommy.” Rick Nelson, man. Old school badass.

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