My 25 Most Controversial Blogs

Posted: June 1, 2016 in Humor, Opinion


Believe it or not, over the past nearly 5-years I’ve managed to upset a few folks from time-to-time with my blogs. Shocking, I know. From LeBron fanboys to racist bigots to clowns (yes, clowns), my list of angry readers is vast and varied.

So, just for kicks and giggles I went back and counted the number of what I consider “angry” messages received regarding various blogs, then applied and and ranked the blogs thusly.

Enjoy . . .

Man with carbon fiber legs to compete in the London olympics. Hold on a second . . .

People went ballistic over this one, in which I offered the opinion that this cat had an advantage with those springs below his knees. Later on he ended up killing his girlfriend, which I felt sort of vindicated me in a way. See, I told you he was shady.

How Chicago’s Peter Cetera once ruined a relationship. Mine.

You would not believe the amount of nasty messages I received over this one. Turns out Peter Cetera has some real fanatics following him. Seriously, Peter Cetera?

Shoe’s Dos and Don’ts of Death and Dying

Big shocker here, huh? Man, did some folks disagree with this one. Whew. But hey, I stand behind my opinions. So there.

Uh, locked and loaded for what exactly?

I upset a few racists with this blog, which I consider the ultimate compliment. Why? Because racists are idiots.

A clown shortage is looming in our country, and I couldn’t be happier.

Surprisingly, more than one clown was offended here, and the blog led to this terrifyingly humorous response:

Well hell, now I have an angry clown on my hands.

I swear to you that tears were rolling down my face as I read this response to my clown blog. Funniest message ever. Wait. Maybe clowns are funny?

15 Reasons I Hate LeBron James

Oh boy, did this one piss off some LeBron fanboys. I had over 30,000 views on this one within a couple days. And maybe, just maybe, I pissed off the man himself:

So I’m pretty sure the guy who responded to my “15 Reasons I Hate LeBron James” blog was LeBron James.

Not even kidding. And did he send me a message? You be the judge:

So I got a lovely message from a LeBron fan today.  Or was it a “fan”?

I think it’s 70-30 it was either him or somebody in his posse.

Regarding Beach Midgets

This surprised me because the story wasn’t really about midgets, and if you read the story you’d understand that. I guess using the word alone was enough to upset the little folk. Sorry shawties.

The People of Facebook

I swear probably 25 people thought I was talking about them after reading this. And here’s the thing – most of them were right.

Guy tries to start a Klan Rally, this happens

I got a pretty funny death threat from a KKK member after posting this, more proof that ignorant racists have no sense of humor. On a related note, damn that’s a funny photo.

Here’s Helen Keller and her beloved cat, “Mittens

Was this in poor taste? Of course. Was it funny as hell? Oh God yes.

Michael Jordan’s Fashion Sense: A Study

A few Jordan fans took offense to this one, including a couple of my female friends. The love for his Airness apparently runs deep.

Assclowns: My Top 10

I should’ve seen this one coming, especially since I lampooned Coach K, Michael Jordan again, and Miss Oprah Winfrey herself.

8 Things I Don’t Understand About Women*

What can I say? Women feminists just don’t get me.

Halloween and Hookers

Boy oh boy, did this one upset a few women I know. Probably because they thought I was talking about them. And I was.

Ferguson and the Closet Racists

This one brought out the predictable racist morons again. God, they’re so easy to upset. So easy that it almost gets boring.

My Stalker and I

I go a lot of responses along these lines: “How could you write about that? Aren’t you afraid you’ll upset her?” Nah, not really. I did close my curtains for a couple weeks though.

Pretentious Christmas Card Manifestos. They must end now.

I got word that some of my preppy friends were outraged by this blog. And to that I say “meh.”

Ladies, here’s some great advice from the old days. Listen up!

Some people simply cannot comprehend witty, high-end, comedic sarcasm.

Against the Grain: My Unpopular Opinions

Of course I knew some people wouldn’t like this one. Hence the title.

Facebook, Twitter and the Art of the Humblebrag

Again, I received word through the grapevine that a couple folks were convinced this was about them. And once gain, they were correct.

Some Thoughts on the Confederate Flag

Again, racists are so easy to piss off. I was called an N-Word Lover several times, but most complainers simply used the tired old “respecting our heritage” excuse. Sorry kids, that one doesn’t work for me.

Not included here was the time I pissed off a high school bowler’s mother and the time I posted a photo of Hitler with a clown nose. That one didn’t go over well with this guy. Oh, and an insane guy was pissed off at me once too.

Anyhoo, there you go, my 25 Most Controversial Blogs for your perusal. Do the comments bother me? Not really. I just consider the source and remind myself that a hard-hitting, opinionated site such as Shoe: Untied will bring the cockroaches scurrying out from their cracks and crevices. No big deal.

Have a great day!*

*Even you, cockroaches.


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