NBA players spending $500 for glasses that don’t work? Yeah, seems about right.

Posted: April 10, 2016 in Funny Photos, Humor, Opinion, Sports, Things I Hate, WTF?
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As some of you may know, there’s a fashion trend among many idiot posers of the world  pro athletes and actors in which the point is to apparently look as stupid as humanly possible. I’m talking about ugly clothes, junior high backpacks and glasses without lenses. That’s right, I said glasses without lenses. This fashion trend is called “Nerd Chic”, which is an oxymoron if I ever heard one. Speaking of morons, here’s Dwyane (my mother didn’t know how to spell Duane) Wade after a recent loss to the Celtics.

See? His glasses have no lenses. He also thinks this looks good. Remember, they’d just lost. Still, he saw the lenseless glasses in his locker and put them on as a fashion accessory. Because he thinks they look good. Did I mention he thinks they look good? Now let’s take a look at our boy Bron-Bron. Get a load of this look.

Did I mention these glasses cost $500? But let’s double the fun. Here’s Dwyane and LeBron together.

Lookin’ good, fellas. And yes, that’s a ruffled shirt. Sweet Jesus.

In addition to the lenseless glasses (did I mention these guys don’t actually need glasses?) a big part of “Nerd Chic” is to wear the ugliest shirt possible. As proof, here’s the Thunder’s Russell Westbrook after a recent playoff game.

Let’s see now. Lenseless glasses. Check. Polo shirt with fishing lures all over it. Check. Wait. What? Fishing lures? Fishing lures.

Here’s another one of Westbrook, this time sporting a short sleeve Hawaian style shirt with cartoon bears dressed up like humans. Yes, you read that correctly. Check it.

I guess the Winnie the Pooh Playing Poker Collection shirts were all sold out.

Alright, remember the mention of backpacks earlier? Here’s one of my favorite players, Kevin Durant, and how he showed up at several post-game pressers last season.

See, the thing is he could have left the backpack in the lockerroom and picked it up on the way out. He didn’t though, because he thought it looked good.

Amare Stoudemire and his Knicks got knocked out of the playoffs early, but that didn’t stop him from showing up at a recent game dressed like this.

Never mind the sunglasses indoors, which always make you look like an idiot. The sleeveless vest and porkpie hat just puts this ensemble completely over the edge and into Douchebagville.

See, here’s the deal. These guys have stylists that dress them. These stylists are actually paid for this. That in itself is hilarity at its finest, but I can see these stylists calling each other and saying, “Hey, guess what? I just sold Dwyane Wade a pair of pink capri pants and he actually wore them! Bwahahahahaha!” And then the other guy saying, “Oh yeah? I can top that. I convinced Russell Westbrook to wear a shirt with cartoon bears on it! I’m dyin’ over here!

To conclude, I hear that the “Nerd Chic” fashion craze has even trickled down the the younger players on the AAU circuit. Here’s how a hot young recruit showed up at a recent AAU tournament.


The Heat are probably negotiating a contract with him as we speak.

Originally posted on June 12th, 2012.

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    It’s so weird that the cool kids now want to look like nerds. What’s happened to our society?

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