The 1993 Championship and the 1965 Dime.

Posted: April 1, 2016 in Amazing and Interesting Stories, Coaching, Sports

It was the Fall of the 1992-93 season, and I’d been coaching at Paint Valley for 3-years. It was at the end of an Open Gym, and myself and a few of my returning players were standing around talking about the upcoming season. At one point one of them asked me when Paint Valley last won a league championship, and I told them it was 1965, 28-years prior.

Somebody, I can’t remember who, said we were going to win a championship again in 1993. Everyone agreed, and then for some reason we decided that we were going to tape a coin on the top of one of the backboards to give us luck.

At that point I reached into my pocket to look for a coin, and it turned out there was only one in there. I pulled it out and found myself looking at a dime.

A 1965 dime.

From the last year Paint Valley won a league title.

I showed the guys, and everyone was stunned. What were the odds?

We then got a ladder from the custodian’s room and taped the ’65 dime to the top of the backboard, figuring that the Basketball Gods were with us.

And they were, because a few months later we cut down the nets at an away game at Piketon, securing Paint Valley’s first Scioto Valley Conference Championship since 1965.

At our banquet that year my senior players gave me a few gifts, but the most special was that 1965 dime enclosed in a little case. I still have it, and sometimes I still wonder how it found its way into my pocket that day back in the fall of 1992.

Think about it. A coach and a few of his senior players were standing around in 1992 talking about the last year they’d won a title. That year was 1965. Then they decided to put a lucky coin on the top of the backboard. The coach reaches in his pocket, where only one coin can be found, and that coin was a 1965 dime. And I swear I didn’t plan the whole thing.

Amazing, really.


The Dime.



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