Chucky’s Big Surprise

Posted: February 27, 2016 in Classroom, Education, Humor, Kids

Angry-KidYears ago we used to have ½-Day Kindergarten at our school. Some kids came in the mornings and others in the afternoons. Anyway, there was a tough little Bainbridge kid named Chucky who went through kindergarten doing the morning schedule, then returned the next year for 1st grade.

On his first day of school for 1st grade, Chucky’s class broke for lunch but he went to his locker and began packing his stuff to head home. A teacher (my sister actually) walked up, saw what he was doing, and the following conversation ensued:

Hey Chucky, where ya goin’?

“Heading home. School’s out.”

“Uh, Chucky, you have to go full days this year.” 

First, a stunned look. And then . . .


Apparently Chucky’s mother had neglected to inform him of the whole schedule change thing.

Tough day for Chucky. His whole life changed in the blink on an eye.

Gimme a holler.

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