8 Important Facts About 2015 You Need To Know

Posted: December 31, 2015 in Fun Facts


Just thought you might want to know some important stuff that happened over the last 12-months. You know, because I’m here for ya. Educate yourself, people.

Astronomers discovered a Supermassive Black Hole that’s 12-billion times larger than the sun. That’s big.

China finally reversed its one child per family policy. 

The United States legalized nationwide gay marriage.

Water was discovered on Mars. Where there’s water there’s . . .

2015 was the most accident-free year in air travel since 1942. Pretty amazing really.

2015 was the first year mobile traffic exceeded desktop traffic. Not shocked.

Mark Zuckerberg gave away 99% of his shares of Facebook, or about $45-billion. Newsflash: Still rich.

A battery was invented that can recharge in a few seconds. That’s gonna be huge.

You’re very welcome. You have my permission to print and save.



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