The oldest known tree in the world is 9,500 years old. Allegedly.

Posted: December 28, 2015 in Nature
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The world’s oldest tree, a 9,500-year-old Norwegian Spruce named “Old Tjikko,” continues to grow in Sweden. Discovered in 2004 by Kullman, professor of Physical Geography at Umeå University, the age of the tree was determined using carbon-14 dating. During the ice age sea level was 120 meters lower than today and much of what is now the North Sea in the waters between England and Norway was forest.

Wow, 9,500 years old. That’s 7,484 BC, back when humans were just starting to domesticate dogs and whatnot. Seriously though, how do they know this is the oldest tree? They don’t. It reminds me of other things, like calling Usain Bolt “The World’s Fastest Human.” How do we know there’s not some guy in South Dakota or Zimbabwe who’s faster? We don’t. Cool tree though. Doesn’t look a day over 9,000 to me.


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