Cool Animal of the Day: The Proboscis Monkey

Posted: October 25, 2015 in Animals, Humor, Nature, Things I Love

Yep, that’s a Proboscis Monkey, kids. Ain’t he purty? Seriously man, that’s just unfortunate. Let’s be real here for a second – if other monkeys think you’re ugly that’s not good. Merriam-Webster’s dictionary says that this species of monkey is easily identifiable because of its “unusually large nose.” Gee thanks, Merriam-Webster. I’d have never figured that one out on my own. On a related note, anytime your nose hangs below your mouth it’s not a good sign. And what should come as a surprise to nobody, when the Proboscis Monkey sees a female he likes he emits a special “honk.” Honestly, if anybody’s gonna honk it’s this guy, amirite? Anywho, Proboscis Monkey.


Gimme a holler.

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