Bro drives truck through his house, gives less than a damn about it.

Posted: May 20, 2015 in Humor, News

SENOIA, GA (CBS46) –There are plenty of stories in the news about someone1aaa who accidentally hit the gas pedal when they should have hit the brake and drove into a building. But according to a Senoia man, that’s not what happened here. When he hit the gas pedal and floored into his house, he meant to. John Paul Jones Jr. said he was angry and fed up, so he started up his pickup truck in the backyard and drove to the front yard by way of the living room.

“I don’t know, it was just one of those spur of the moment crazy things,” said Jones. He is a contractor by trade, and he did his own repairs over the past two days. “I’ve been out of work for the past year and a half. Needed some work,” said Jones. “It didn’t pay anything, but hey, it kept me busy.”

He told CBS46 that he had just gotten off the phone with his wife at the time, and the conversation made him so angry, one thing just led to another. Soon after the crash, neighbors were calling 911. “The police came out here, I told them I needed air conditioning,” said Jones. “They said, ‘open a window.’ I told them it wasn’t enough. As you can see, I had a nice breeze.”

Jones is not being charged with a crime because there’s nothing against the law about driving a truck through a house, as long as it’s your truck and your house.

Man, have you ever met a guy who gave less of a damn than John Paul Jones Jr.? Dude gets pissed at his wife, drives his truck through his own house, the cops are called, and all he does is proceed to spout off one-liners like a boss. Hey, it wasn’t illegal, it kept him busy for a few days, it gave him a nice breeze, and his wife was taught a valuable lesson – don’t piss off John Paul Jones Jr. or you just might be sleeping with a giant hole through the middle of your house.

Live and learn, Mrs. Jones. Live and learn.


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