If you haven’t heard of August Landmesser it’s a damn shame.

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Amazing and Interesting Stories, Great Photographs, Inspiration, Things I Love
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I came across this photo the other day, and I have to say it fascinates me endlessly. It’s a photo taken at a rally in Nazi Germany in 1936, and Adolph Hitler himself is speaking to the fawning, cheering crowd. I’m sure a lot of people were showing enthusiastic support for Der Fuhrer because they believed in him, others because they were terrified to show any type of negative reaction.

Well, almost everyone:


Check him out. Not only is this guy not doing the Nazi Salute at a Nazi Rally in which Hitler was speaking, he actually has his arms crossed and seems to be thinking, “Meh. I ain’t buying this bullshit.”  You realize, folks, that this could have gotten him killed, correct? But guess what? He wasn’t skeered.

Think about this – this guy had the balls to attend a rally full of full-blown Nazis, with Hitler right in front of him, and he’s defying all of them. Talk about not succumbing to peer pressure, eh?

And we know who this guy was. His name was August Landmesser, and he was later arrested for attempting to marry a woman who was part Jewish. Yes, kids, he was arrested for attempted marriage. Anyway, neither he or the woman he loved survived the war, but they did have children who later recognized their brave father in this photo.


My friends, you are looking at a certified, bonafied badass if there ever was one.

Although Mr. Landmesser never survived Hitler, this photograph will forever be a tribute to a man who had the courage to stand tall for what he believed in despite overwhelming odds.

And so, I give to you one more photo of my new hero – Mr. August Landmesser, the man who faced the most evil dictator in the history of the world with a look of absolute disdain.

Courage personified.

Courage personified.

Gimme a holler.

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