11 Before-and-After Photos of Famous People that will Blow Your Mind!

Posted: March 3, 2015 in Humor

As I was perusing the interwebs the other day I came across a couple photos of somebody famous, I don’t recall who, who had changed so much from years ago that I didn’t even recognize him. This led me to ask my crack staff here at Shoe: Untied to do a little research and to see if they could find some interesting “before and after” photos of famous people. What they came up with was funny, weird, and sometimes a little disconcerting.

What I’ll do is show you a photo with a description below it, then show you what the person looks like now, or at least later in their life. Trust me, minds will be blown.

Let’s take a look . . .


Here we have a photo of what looks like a nice, stylish family out about town sometimes in the late 70’s, maybe on vacation or shopping. They’re posing around a Cadillac, a sure sign of wealth and prestige. However, a surprise awaits. See that guy second from the end on the far right? Scroll down for closer look . . .


Yeah, this guy. Look familiar? No? Maybe we need a more recent photo.


Yep. I know. Strange. Let’s move on.


Here we see a photo of a guy and a girl dancing. The guy looks like a bit of a nerd, albeit a Asian one. Dude was probably picked on mercilessly. Then again, maybe not . . ..


Yeah, that’s Mr. Bruce Lee, kids. One of the baddest men of his, or any other, time. But let’s go to the female side of the equation for a minute.


Wait. Are we sure that’s a girl? It’s hard to tell. But let this be a lesson to all you young males out there. Don’t judge too soon.


Yeah, Charlize Theron outgrew those giant specs and turned out pretty damn good. Mercy.


Hey, check out the nerd with the birthday cake wearing the Alf t-shirt! B-W-A-H–H-A-H-A! Wonder what he ended up doing? Computer Programmer? Accountant? Professional Dog Walker? Let’s find out . . .


Holy Slim Shady, kids, that’s Marshall Mathers, otherwise known as Eminem! Who knew he was an Alf fan? Or even celebrated birthdays as a youngin’? The mind reels. Let’s check back in with the women . . .


Well, hello there. That’s one hot chick right there, just hangin’ on the quad, catchin’ some rays and lookin’ good for the frat boys. Yowza. She had to become a model or actress, amirite? Let’s see . ..


HEY! WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON HERE? HILLARY FREAKING CLINTON? Well, my mind is now screwed up forever. Good Lord Almighty. Quick, let’s move along . . .


Here we see a young man, full of life, vim and vigor, just enjoying life on a college campus. Sadly, although this gentleman went on to live an amazing life, it wasn’t exactly the way he’d planned it . . .


Yes, that first photo is a young Stephen Hawking, the world famous physicist. And although he ended up accomplishing so much, the photo is sort of poignant, is it not? Sigh . . .


This is a photo taken as some average-looking girl is just waking up, sans make-up and pissed at her boyfriend for capturing the moment for posterity. Don’t recognize her?


Yessir. Sorta opposite of the whole Hillary Clinton effect, right? Miracle with make-up, folks. But hey, Katy Perry, I ain’t mad at ya.


Here we have a photo of an average looking young lady working on some machine during World War II. Hey, she’s cute, but I’d give her a 7 tops. However, give her a dye-job on the hair and some other changes and we have somebody you might recognize  . . .


HEY-O! That’s Marilyn Monroe, kids, the most famous sex symbol in the history of sex symbols. I swear to God that looks like two different people. Let us proceed . . .


Check out this hep cat singing a tune back in the early 60’s. He probably ended up doing custodial work after his singing career fizzled, right? Wrong.


Hell to the naw! That’s Alex Trebek, homies!


Look at this guy. Bro could be a male model, amirite? Spectacular hair, unshaven face, fashionable neck scarf, hell, he could be Brad Pitt or Matthew McConaughey, don’tcha think? Not quite . . .


Nope, that hunk up there is none other than a young Joseph Stalin, one of the most brutal dictators in the history of mankind. Good Lord.

So there ya go, proof that people’s appearance can change dramatically over the years. Hey, it can happen to anybody, right?

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