John Lennon Was Right

Posted: January 18, 2015 in Education, Inspiration, Kids, Life

Sometimes, a little love is all you need.images5A3X0LXE

Recently I was having a really bad day, one of those days where everything seemed to be piling up, nothing going right in any aspect of my life. I was down, feeling sorry for myself, just a pathetic shell of a man. I hate it when people get that way, especially me. Anyway, I usually man up and shake these moods off pretty quickly, but that day was an exception. Even Sparky couldn’t shake the blues from me.

At one point I had to go to the school for something, and as I turned a corner in the hallway I ran into a little girl. It happened to be a girl from one of the families my fifth grade class raised all that money for a couple years ago. For those that don’t know, here’s the link.

The girl’s situation at home is not good. Maybe I was a little naïve, but I was amazed that folks could live in those conditions right here in southern Ohio. She has every reason to be bitter, to be angry at the hand life has dealt her.

But is she? She is not. In fact, she seems to worry about everyone else much more than she worries about herself. As we met in the hallway that day, the following conversation ensued:

“Mr. Shoe!”

This was followed by a BIG hug. Then . . .

“Hey girl! What’s up?”

“Not much. Are you OK?”

Somehow, that quickly, she knew.

“Because you don’t seem OK.”

This was followed by another, BIGGER hug. This kid had read me in about 3-seconds and was clearly worried about me. This, when her life situation was about a hundred times worse than mine has ever been or ever will be. And she’d given me the only thing she had to give, a hug.

Time to quit feeling sorry for yourself, Shoe, and learn from this amazing 10-year old.

“I’m just fine, honey. I was having a bad day but I’m much better now. And you know why? Because of you.”

Then it was I who gave the big hug.


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