Pain at the Pump

Posted: January 10, 2015 in Humor, Life, Random Encounters

oops-road-sign-4204407Well, it could’ve been painful. Possibly. Under other circumstances.

I was pumping gas this morning when I saw one of my former students roll into the lot. He was on the passenger side and his girlfriend was driving. They pull into the pump on the other side of me and the girl hops out and starts pumping gas too.

Nothing to see here, all normal so far.

“So” and “far” being the operative words there.

You have to understand I had a good relationship with this student when he was in school. He came from a tough background and I was always giving him a hard time, pushing him and trying to help him make the right decisions. He always responded to tough talk, which is why I said the following:

“Hey, dumbass! You’re supposed to pump the gas for your girl. Why don’t you try being a gentleman for once?”

Hey, it was said with love. Sort of.

He was directly on the other side of the pump, so he couldn’t see me. I didn’t know if he’d recognize my voice, so I was wondering what his response would be. And then his girlfriend pops her head around the corner and says very loudly:

“I know, right? Listen to the man, Bobby! Be a man for once! A gentleman!”

Then her and I both laugh hysterically at Bobby’s expense. Wait . . .


The guy I knew wasn’t named Bobby.

Oh no.

Sure enough, I peek around the pump and there sat . . . some guy named Bobby.

He was looking at me with a combination of disgust, anger and confusion. Then, for reasons I can’t really explain, all I did was point at him, wink, and go back to pumping my gas.

An apology didn’t seem necessary.

And as they pulled out, I could hear the girl:

“Did you hear what the man said? He said . . .” and the voices faded as they drove away.

One of these days my big mouth is gonna get me killed.

  1. larrychapman says:

    Holy shit, Shoe! 🙂

  2. Brenda Miele says:

    Good for you! If my son ever did that I would want someone to call him on it…..before I kicked him in the……..!!!!

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