Think you’re having a bad day? Probably not.

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Humor, WTF?

The freak accident happened in Aurora on Sunday morning as the unidentified driver reversed out of his driveway, police said. After he leapt from the full-sized Chevrolet work van, it rolled backwards, knocking him to the ground. The front driver’s side tire went over his head and chest, said Aurora Police Lt Jeff Turner. He told Sky News: “He dropped the cigarette down the front of his chest area and jumped out of the van, but it was still in reverse. He is in a critical condition at a local hospital, though his injuries are said to be no longer life threatening.” The vehicle came to a rest after hitting a neighbor’s shrub.

Some thoughts: Boy, nothing worse than running over your own head with a full-sized Chevrolet work van, amirite? That has to blow. And thank God he’s going to make it. Can you imagine if you were this guy’s kid and forever having to answer the question, “Hey, what happened to your dad?” There’s just no way to describe your dad having run over his own head with a van and make it sound like a noble death. But thank God we know what happened to the van. Hope the neighbor’s shrub is O.K.

Anyway, kids? Don’t smoke.


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