Sparky and the Horsefly from Hell

Posted: October 2, 2014 in Animals, Humor, Sparky, Things I Love

I was taking The Spark for a walk today when we encountered the Horsefly from Hell. I mean this gjgtugjthing was the size of a sparrow, and it came out of nowhere, just relentless in its efforts to kill me. Horseflies try to bite you for your blood, you know that, right? Well, this one thought my bald head looked mighty tasty, because he would not cease in his vicious attack. I first felt it on the back of my head and I swatted it away, thinking that was the end of it.

No chance.

The monster kept circling and dive-bombing me, trying its best to get a piece of my flesh. I was swatting and punching at it as I did a series of pirouettes, leaps and punches. I was also yelling at it, which seems a bit silly now. I don’t know, do horseflies even have ears? If this one did he sure wasn’t listening.

All the while Sparky was leaping up and down himself, snapping at the winged-beast and trying to bring it down from its deadly arc.

At one point the horsefly made a direct charge for my face and I knocked it away, but not before hitting myself in the nose so hard it brought tears to my eyes. Damn, that hurt.

Finally the behemoth made a costly mistake – it flew within The Spark’s range. Sparky timed his leap perfectly, pogoed up like a furry canine bouncy ball, and snatched the freak from the sky.

It was instant death. Spark then picked up the carcass and whipped it away with a toss of his head, dismissing the mutant for the trash that it was.

As I bent over checking for injuries both self-inflicted and otherwise, Sparky trotted over, rose up and licked my nose, telling me that all was well and he’d saved me once again.

Good dog Sparky. Good dog.


  1. Colin Kelley says:

    Sparky is worth his weight in gold. Does he kill moles?

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