Additional proof that people are getting dumber.

Posted: August 26, 2014 in Humor

So I was in a local gas station yesterday, buying a Rockstar Punched Sugar Free Energy Drink and a bagimagesNQSQTQXG of Herr’s Extra Crunchy Kettle Cooked Potato Chips for lunch. On a related note, I have terrible eating habits. How I maintain my girlish figure and youthful appearance is a mystery to medical experts far and wide.

Anyhoo, the radio is on and tuned to the only real major local station. I know this will be a shock to all of you, this being southern Ohio and all, but a country song is playing. I believe it was popular country crooner Luke Bryan, who the ladies seem to swoon over these days.

In through the door walks a couple of ladies that were, oh, perhaps in their mid-30’s. One of them stops, cocks her head, listens, and makes this comment to her friend:

“Hey! That same song was playing in our car! Awe-sooooome!”


She then high-fived her friend and they proceeded to buy some Skittles, a bag of Lifesaver Wintergreen Mints, a couple Snapple’s and mysteriously, a small hammer.

In the meantime, Luke’s song had concluded and Brad Paisley was now singing about ticks. As the couple departed with their odd bag of purchases, they were happily singing along with Brad.

I could only imagine their wide-eyed wonder when they found that this song was playing in their car too.

I just know they thought it was awesome.

Gimme a holler.

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