Damn You Autocorrect!

Posted: April 16, 2014 in Humor, Kids

1So, I get a text from a former student yesterday. This particular student is in 6th grade now and he is a quiet, respectful, shy sort of kid. I recall that he would get easily embarrassed in class, which makes what I’m about to tell you all the more funny. Incidentally, I’d show an actual screen shot from my phone but I don’t want to acerbate his embarrassment by showing his name. Here’s the text conversation, word for word:

Kid: sup mr shoe

Me: Hey. What’s up?

I can’t help myself. I use proper grammar when texting. Anyway . . .

Kid: jus checkin to see when youll be subbing again

Me: I’ll be there tomorrow. Hope all is well.

Kid: same tits u

I swear if you knew this kid like I do you’d just know he was horrified when he realized what he’d sent me. I then received this:

same to u is what I meant. onto correct man I hate it

Followed by:

auto correct

Kids. They’re a never ending source of entertainment for me.



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