Wanna see what a $250.00 hamburger looks like? O.K.

Posted: March 21, 2014 in Assclowns, Food, Humor, WTF?

What? No mustard?

A new pan-Asian restaurant is hoping to add ‘another food dimension’ to Manhattan’s Midtown with the ultimate fast food indulgence: a $250 burger.

Filled with sautéed duck fois gras, beluga caviar, shaved truffle, pancetta, a Kobe beef patty and the chef’s secret sauce, the mouthwatering burger is the priciest item on Beer and Buns new menu, which is set to open March 20th at The Court St Giles Premier Hotel.

‘I wanted to charge $1,000 for it; it’s expensive to make,’ the restaurant’s chef Wisit Panpinyo told MailOnline. ‘But I had to lower the price so that our customers can afford it!’

The most important element, he says, is the Kobe beef patty, imported from Japan, which must be cooked medium rare – no exceptions.

‘If you cook it medium well you don’t taste anything,’ he said, adding that he uses touch to make sure each patty is cooked to his liking. ‘Touch it lightly with your finger, you will feel it is still soft in the middle,’ he explained.

Listen, I love hamburgers and I love duck. Kobe beef is great too. I’ve tasted caviar (no clue about the beluga part) and it was fine, but I couldn’t care less about shaved truffle or pancetta, whatever the hell they might be.  And listen Chef Panpinyo, for $250.00 your secret sauce better be a side flute of $245.00 champagne if I’m buying it. Oh, and if I’m dishing out that kind of dough for a burger I don’t want your stinking fingers on it.

But seriously, $250.00?

This is just more proof that the most pretentious and gullible people reside in Los Angeles and New York City. And did I mention dumbest too? Good Lord.

Thought: A good name for this item would be The Assclown Burger.

Thought #2: That burger does look good though.

  1. Joe says:

    there ya go talking about clowns again you might refuel your mad clown stalker lol

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