“Prancing Elites” Dance Team Outrages Small Alabama Town!

Posted: December 23, 2013 in Humor, Interesting Videos, Opinion

Source – A small Alabama community got the shock of the season on Saturday when a group of scantily clad gay African American Santas took their Christmas parade route by storm. The Prancing Elites, an all gay dance team known for their provocative moves and outfits, were confused by the invitation to walk the Semmes, Alabama (population 3,000) Christmas parade but swayed and thrust their way through outraged crowds nonetheless. Parade organizers have since apologized for including the Prancing Elites, but the five gentlemen from Mobile think it was all just part of a day’s work. ‘I had no idea that they would be dressed the way they were and that they would think it’s appropriate for a community Christmas parade,’ said Karen McDuffie, who helped plan the event. ‘Their costumes and the style of dancing were inappropriate.’

I am shocked, SHOCKED, that the Prancing Elites weren’t received favorably by a small town in Alabama. Isn’t the deep south known for it’s tolerance and accepting views of alternative lifestyles? I mean, they’ve been letting black folk vote for almost 50-years!  C’mon man!

Then again, they just began letting African-Americans in their parades a few years ago, so we shouldn’t be surprised a black and gay dance team caused such a ruckus.

On a related note, parade Master of Ceremonies and Duck Dynasty cast member Phil Robertson was found unconscious behind the viewing stand after the boys pranced by. Apparently the Prancing Elites were too much for him.

Prance on, Prancing Elites. Prance on.

PS- Claudia Davis really needs to relax.


  1. Ana says:

    The Prancing Elites so win Christmas!

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